Crime Group Behind 'Petya' Ransomware Resurfaces to Distance Itself From This Week's Global Cyberattacks

Janus Cybercrime Solutions, the author of Petya‚ÄĒthe ransomware initially attributed with Tuesday‚Äôs global cyberattacks‚ÄĒresurfaced on Twitter late Wednesday, seemingly offering to help those whose files can no longer be recovered.

The altruistic gesture, even if it does prove fruitless, is uncharacteristic of the…

The Era of Chaos-Inducing Ransomware Is Here and It's Scary as Hell

The ‚Äė90s cyberpunk thriller Hackers is used too often to illustrate the fearful future of cyber security, but it‚Äôs popular for a reason. The film‚Äôs seemingly fictional scenarios keep coming true. Take this week‚Äôs global ransomware attack, for instance. It‚Äôs a plot twist that would make Matthew Lillard leer at the‚Ķ

Hackers Built a Weapon to Trigger Blackouts‚ÄĒand It Could Work Anywhere

The seemingly local cyberattack that cut power to part of Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, last December could have been a test run. And security researchers now say the malware believed to have caused the blackout is actually modular, mostly automated, and highly adaptable. That means it doesn’t just work on electrical grids…