A Desperate Housewife, a Pick-Up Artist, and a Grandmother Go to War In this Week's Best Comics

We here at io9 love nothing more than sitting down with a stack of comic books and just getting lost in the fantasy and adventure of worlds nothing like our own. We’ve always covered comics that caught our eye, but at the same time, we’ve always wanted to read, share, and spread the word about more.

Put Down the Cape Comics and Read These Stories About Elderly Bounty Hunters and Hungry Ghosts

It’s been yet another great week for comics about superheroes coming back from the dead and averting the apocalypse, but in the off-chance that you’ve been in a mood for some new series that are a little less “KRAK! POW!” and more “What’s really important in life?” then these are the new books you should read this…

The Lost Boys Is Finally Getting the Sequel it Deserves, Just in Comic Book Form

“I don’t like horror comics,” new kid in town Sam says in The Lost Boys when the weirdos he’s just met, the Frog Brothers, try to give him a book about vampires. The theme has come full circle now that The Lost Boys are getting a sequel in comic book form—featuring Sam and both Frogs—courtesy of Vertigo.

The Main Character In Paul Dini's New Batman Graphic Novel Is Paul Dini Himself

Legendary writer Paul Dini—known for his work on Batman: The Animated Series, Tiny Toon Adventures, Justice League and countless other shows—is returning to DC to pen a whole new graphic novel for the Dark Knight. The twist, however, is that Batman isn’t the lead character: Dini is, as he recalls trauma from his own…