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Joe McNally is a small flash lighting pro. And now you shutterbugs can benefit from his 30-plus years of experience with a brand-new set of lighting DVDs from the lighting master himself.


McNally's Language of Light DVDs are a detailed road map drawn for you by one of the foremost small flash authorities in the world. You'll be walked through the process of creating a beautiful image using professional lighting techniques, which are explained simply and quickly. Diagrams, metadata, and behind the scenes footage show the exact nature of each shot. And each picture is shown as it is shot, with no post-production applied. More importantly, you get access to McNally's unique thought process throughout.

The DVDs begin in the studio, presenting the basics of light and how to control it. Then, you'll be taken along on location with McNally, where you'll learn everything from location assessment to working with your subjects, and from lighting naturally to lighting for dramatic impact. The DVDs include interviews, guest appearances, and a tech section dedicated to Nikon flash units.


So if you want to learn the big strategies and the small tips and secrets that will take your small flash photography to the next level, click here!

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