The internet's desperate bid to ensure every part of Firefly makes its way into real life (I'm sure there's a Browncoat somewhere out there building their own Firefly-class in their shed) continues with a new card game based on the weird Space-fruit-poker the crew of the Serenity play on the show. Tall Card, anyone?

Tall Card briefly features in Firefly's fourth episode, Shindig, when Simon, Jayne and Book play a round to decide who has to do what chores on the ship. Simon, being Simon, fails miserably, falling to the Tall Card being a Plum. Somehow. The game's never even had rules - fans have created their own over the years, but Tall Card as a concept was never really fleshed out by anyone on the show. But 5 lines of dialogue were apparently enough to take the concept and flesh it out into a fully fledged Card game:


The game, being put out by Toy Vault, contains 45 cards - including the round cards seen on the show - as well as 50 other cards to create your own Firefly-themed card games if you ever get tired of Tall Card. Hooray!

Maybe I'm just noticing it more recently, but I find it kind of amazing that there feels like this resurgence of Firefly based merchandise all of a sudden, 12 years after the show was cancelled. It takes a special kind of dedication for that to happen, so good on you, Firefly.

Tall Card will set you back $20, and is out in February of next year.

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