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More news from the Tirols—the Beer Pool! In a story entitled "Das erste Bier-Schwimmbad der Welt," which we assume translates to "Please Don't Pee In Our Beer Pool," it appears that the city of Tarrenz now has a pool filled with sweet, sweet liquid bread. But don't try drinking from the beer pool directly—according to this Babelfished translation, you don't swim in a cool, crisp lager but in filtered, yeasty wort. Yum! (Thanks, Dennis)

Everyone [We're assuming this means every tank - Ed] is filled with approximately 20,000 litres barley juice. However the beer does not flow by any means freshtapped from the cock. The original fermenting tanks made of high-grade steel are filled with the so-called Biergelaeger, the remainder yeast, which sets off when brewing in the beer tank.


The first beer swimming pool in the world [Bild]