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  • The nano has already been dissembled and now hacked. It sounds like the nano does not mod as easily as its predecessors. But instructions on how to changes the text, font and graphics looks easy enough. [Make]
  • Samsung has raised the ire of everyone else in the NAND flash marketplace because they offered such a huge volume discount to Apple. One analyst thinks it was as high as 50 percent. This effectively makes it impossible for anyone else to compete on price in the 4GB and 6GB flash player space. Ha-ha! Undeterred, a spokesman from one competing manufacturer said: "We ll counter Apple s challenge by releasing new concept products." Now that's what I like to hear. [Chosun Daily]
  • The nano was crafted by Zeus on the highest peak of Mt. Olympus. Although this is still an unsubstantiated rumor.
  • Glue a nano to the back of a RAZR, and you get the NAZR. The name is ugly, but this DIY music phone is shorter and thinner than the ROKR. Do the math:

  • NANO 3.50 x 1.60 x .27
    + RAZR 3.90 x 2.10 x .50
    NAZR 3.90 x 2.10 x .77

  • ROKR 4.25 x 1.81 x .80

  • [Thanks Scott!]
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  • Several folks wrote to say that Creative Labs ought to consider suing Apple s pants off since they already have a portable audio device that uses the Nano —the Creative Zen Nano to be exact. Yeah, and I heard Steve call your mother was a ho too!
  • Award for the Apple fanatic with the fastest HTML skills—and the first nano-dedicated website to cross Gizmodo's desk: nanopodhq.
  • Far from staunching the flow of Apple rumors that circulate, the nano has only increased the output. Acknowledging as much, The Merc has put together a round table on the future of Apple that includes a former apple senior product manager and a member of the original Mac development team.


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  • Faster than you can drop an nano, there are a million cases for the thing. Including this old lady s woolen eyeglass holder design that apparently has some special Oktoberfest meaning. If you live in Munich. [Pull-I]
  • A complete rundown of which of the existing iPod accessories work with nano—down to how well it sits in the Bose Soundock (slightly off center)—is covered in Playlist. The are two pieces of news here: The first is that the headphone jack doesn t support the remote, which means that Griffin s iTrip LCD FM transmitter doesn t work the nano; and second is that you cannot direct download photos onto the nano, which means the nano is incompatible with Apple s iPod Camera Connector, and Belkin s Digital Camera Link. You can t connect the nano to a TV and view photos that way either. Finally, testing reveals that The nano includes a LineIn test—"something previously found only on full-size iPods, suggesting that unlike the iPod mini, the nano at least has the ability to record audio. If this is indeed the case, voice recorders for the nano will likely need to connect via the nano s dock connector port." [Playlist]
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