The Big Robot Scare

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Dear friends. Thank you all for sending me links to Repliee Q1—now with legs!—but, as i4u points out, she's almost 6 years old. This actroid has been greeting folks in Japan and kidnapping virgins for a little while now. The BBC clearly picked up this because their tech writer probably got a call from his editor— the one who is aware that mice are the little rounded things next to the keyboard and little else—and was told "Hey, David, why don't we run a story on this sexy robot, what?" and David kind of mumbles something about it being dumb and then the editor goes "Right right. Tip top." and hangs up. So everyone in the world picks up the story because of the sheer potential of said robot—"Is she COMPLETELY anatomically correct?", "Will she love me like my wife doesn't love me?"—and she steamrolls out of control. So now you know how tech journalism works. Kind of like making sausage.

Japanese develop 'female' android [BBC] - Notice the word 'female' in quotes. ROBOT RIGHTS! ROBOT RIGHTS!


UPDATE - Some video of our little robotic sweetie.