The CradleVue, A Cheap Car Entertainment System

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Let me tell you something. Kids were created by the big man upstairs as research tools to test our level of tolerance to auditory torture. Most of us don't fare very well, and will go to great lengths to keep baby's wails at a minimum, especially when driving long distances. One solution consists in spending ungodly amounts of money installing backward facing DVD entertainment systems, so the little'uns can keep quiet watching, well... whatever it is kids watch these days.

Well, company VueGear has a much cheaper and ingenious alternative: the brilliantly designed CradleVue laptop travel harness. It's basically a set of straps that attach to the front seats and can hold your laptop in place, facing baby. Pop a DVD in, and you've got yourself a $25 "entertainment system". Laptop obviously not included. -DP

The CradleVue [VueGear via Gizmag]