The iPhone 6 Plus Is Still Awkward to Balance With a One-Handed Keyboard

Meet One-Handed Keyboard, the first (obviously) one-handed keyboard for the iPhone 6 Plus. It will help you type a little bit easier, but the only thing is, it won't make your big-ass phone any easier to balance in just one smallish hand.


The concept is simple: The One-Handed Keyboard is a replacement keyboard that's smaller than the phone's default keyboard so you can type more easily across a smaller surface area of letters with a single thumb. You can orient it to the right or the left, depending on which hand you use to type. Above, you can see me typing with One-Handed Keyboard on the iPhone 6 Plus. Below, I'm typing with the default iOS keyboard.

It's definitely helpful, but it's not a panacea for folks accustomed to using their phone with one hand but would otherwise appreciate the bigger size. It's not making your phone any smaller—I still had to try and hold a 5.5-inch device in one hand, which feels like some kind of balancing act.

This is a good start for keyboard alternatives for the big guy. But just a start; it's worth noting the app doesn't have predictive text in this build. But even with small keyboards out there, remember: The iPhone 6 Plus still is the big guy, and no tiny hand-friendly keyboard is going to make the actual hardware heft easier to handle. [One-Handed Keyboard]



iPhone users must either have smaller than normal hands or less manual dexterity than the average person as this does not seem to be a major hindrance for users of other large phones who after a short adjustment period find it fairly easy. Are these the same people who appear in infomercials that are incapable of performing the simplest of normal tasks?