Illustration for article titled The JawSaw Is Equally Equipped for Tree Grooming and Zombie Defense

The chainsaw, unwieldy as it can be, is a simple enough design to take for granted. The Worx JawSaw, on the other hand, is both cleverly formed, and incredibly formidable looking—whether you're looking chopping dead wood or undead.


The JawSaw is basically a big shredding chainsaw mouth on a stick—electrically powered (no gas to mess with!) and safe to cut with on the ground, without fear of limb-severing kickbacks. Since it does have a mouth-shaped cutting area, you're confined to tearing through things of a set width—unlike a normal chainsaw, which can really hack apart anything. But for anything you can fit in there, we'd imagine it'd be a pretty good sawin' time. [Worx via Uncrate]

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