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The Mighty Mouse Dissected

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

No sooner than it came to save the day did ArsTechnica decide to rip the poor bugger apart. As you may have suspected, the Mighty Mouse does not contain any biological components. Instead, there is a circuit board, some switches, and the little "squirrel ball" which we should all call the "nipple" from now on.

Once we separated the top and bottom halves of the mouse, things started to get exciting. On the bottom half of the mouse, we observed the presence of a speaker (yes, it's true!), switches that trigger the side squeeze buttons, the mechanism that generates the main click of the mouse itself, and even an empty spot with a symbol showing where a capacitor would be (hmm, what sort of Mac rumors could we start with that one?).

A speaker? Vibrational haptics? Sing-along with mice?

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