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The Most Mesmerizing Fluid Dynamics Video You'll Ever See

Science videos can be difficult to understand, badly produced and and slow-going. Not this one, because really it's just a compilation of cool fluid dynamics phenomena, stitched together into a wonderful, mesmerizing three minute clip.


Called Compressed Experiments, the video was created by Kim Pimmel and is set to the Katamari Damacy Theme. It's virtually impossible to choose a favorite part—but if pressed, I'd have to say that I love the micro-jetting at 1:16, or that wonderful propagation of I-don't-know-what at 2:15. Enjoy. [Kim Pimmel]

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Pretty nifty, and the 70's-esque music was a great fit. At first I thought I was watching an old Sesame Street clip ... except the video looked new. Instagramize this and you could probably fool a lot of people.