The NASA Spirit Rover Lives!

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Nerds cheered and wept with happiness as NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit responded to ground control commands today via the Mars Odyssey orbiter. Earlier this week, NASA feared that the rover would fall victim to the same problem that killed our beloved Phoenix Mars Lander. The dust storm is still a problem, but Spirit has managed to gather enough solar energy to communicate normally. Once again, Spirit has lived up to the name and proven that its a fighter. [Spacefellowship via Slashdot]


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Sean Harrington

Umm, can't they put frikkin' windshield wipers or something on those solar cells? How about a device that moves them vertically (thus collecting less dust), facing the direction most likely to collect the greatest amount of light?

Or just train it to shake itself from head to toe like a dog does to dry off...