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The Producer Behind the Year's Best Rap Tracks Makes His Own Music, Too

Illustration for article titled The Producer Behind the Years Best Rap Tracks Makes His Own Music, Too

It's hard to find good, quality You Time when you're collaborating with Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Pusha-T (not to mention Azealia Banks, Action Bronson, and many, many others). But after a couple of busy years, 28-year-old Scottish DJ Hudson Mohawke has finally put out a new EP.


The album art for the record—which is called Chimes and came out yesterday—is an image from a crowded water park showing thousands of innertubed swimmers wedged into a wave pool. Somehow, that image feels like it parallels the music: Tightly packed, neon-colored, and from some crowded future city.


Even if you've never heard his stage name, you've probably heard Ross Birchard's work over the past couple years, from Kanye West's Mercy or Blood on the Leaves to Pusha-T's Hold On. His own tracks have a lot of the same signatures—streaks of blurred synths and big, crackly drums—but they're a little more ascetic, free of words or traditional pop song strictures, and they benefit from it. It's good stuff. Check it out on Spotify.

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The new EP's cool. I'll have to take a few more listens to decide whether it beats out Satin Panthers or not...