The Shortest Distance Between a Leaf Blower and Vomit

Hey guys, I got this great idea. How about I strap myself into a roller chair, fire up the ol' leaf blower, and send myself spinning around in circles until I collapse in a dizzy, nauseous, seething heap of idiot?


Oh, some guy already did that? Great, I'll just watch him then. [sisfti via The Daily What]



Another quick way to go from leaf blower to vomit.

1. Take your blower out of the shed for the first spring use.

2. Start it up.

3. Realize that a mouse had nested in the thing over the winter.

4. Clean up the broken and bleeding litter of mice you just shotgunned the front of your house with.

I call it the mouse cannon now, and am the only one that finds it funny at our house..