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The Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Timeline

Illustration for article titled The Times Square New Years Eve Ball Timeline

The 102-year history of the Times Square New Year's Even Ball is one filled with technology, death and, of course, pretty shiny lights. See it all unfold in our historical timeline.


(Click the image for a large popout version.)

Of course, for those who don't appreciate the festivity of the ball drop, despite all of the hard work behind the scenes, feel free to ignore the ball's 32,256 glimmering Philips LEDs and turn your attention to your iPhone...because, yes, Waterford has made an app for that.


Happy New Year everyone!

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Normally I do not celebrate enlarged balls that are changing shades of colors, but hey - it is New Year's Eve. That reminds me of the celebration in 99 where we got so drunk that we were having fun with inflatable dolls. Highly recommended, but make sure yours is female because one time ...