Sorry, killing Gina Torres puts you beyond the pale in my book. On the other hand, Damon is the most entertaining thing about the show, and his antics just get sillier and more obnoxiously awesome as the show goes on. Plus he sort of becomes the lesser of two evils, as a whole slew of even nastier vampires start descending on the tiny town of Mystic Falls — which seems to have a population of a few hundred and somehow survives losing a good ten percent of its population thanks to vampire slaughter.


There's a whole host of other characters including Bonnie (Katerina Graham) who's a budding witch, Caroline, who's the shallow party girl with — wait for it — hidden depths, Elena's angsty brother Jeremy, and Alaric Saltzmann, a history teacher who's also a vampire hunter. Because.


But honestly, all you need to do to roll with this show is know that there are two hot vampire brothers, and one is broody while the other one is smirky, and they both like Elena, who's got her own evil vampire doppelganger. Easy, right?

And you can't sell short the fact that this show is genuinely funny and cute when it wants to be. Damon trots out a whole series of Damon-isms, which deserve to be on greeting cards or something. Here are some of my favorites:

More quotes here.

Occasionally, with its teen character, the show is clearly trying to be Whedonesque, and there have been a few little Buffy shoutouts here and there, I think. The main thing is, like Muppet Angel, this show is fluffy and sarcastic and you want to watch it for hours. The good news is, a new season of The Vampire Diaries starting tonight at 8 PM on The CW.