The Wombats: Is This Christmas?

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There are only so many days you can spend with your family over Christmas without going mad. Chances are, that's happening to you today. But however bad it's getting, take solace in the fact that others—even famous musicians—feel it, too.

Hell, The Wombats even made this music video to celebrate how bad it can be. But as they correctly point out, even if crap presents, a burnt turkey, and that 23rd viewing of Back To The Future have been too much for you, there is one easy solution: Red wine. Lots and lots of red wine. Or, you could set up an impromptu rock gig in your living room. In fact, maybe the former leads to the latter.


Anyway. The Wombats are a little-known band in the US, but come from the mecca of UK pop music, Liverpool. This isn't their finest musical outing, in fairness — and if you want to hear more, I recommend Moving to New York, Kill The Director or Let's Dance To Joy Division, which are all fine songs.

Alternative music aside, remember: it's not just you who's struggling. We feel your pain, bro. [The Womabts]