The easiest way to set a world record is to think of something so grandiose and obscure that no one could have ever possibly thought of attempting it before. And for the folks over at Custom SLR, that involved building the world's largest Christmas tree made entirely of tripods—plus the requisite festive decor.


All-in-all the tree is made up of 40 stacked tripods covered in 300 ornaments, 486 feet of garland lights, and a glowing Santa on top that that pushes the tree's total height to 17.4 feet tall. It took 14 hours to build, photograph, and then disassemble, and while the decor is being donated to the Salvation Army, the tripods are being donated to afterschool and other nonprofit photography programs. Aww, and here we thought Custom SLR was doing it just for some free pubilicity. [Custom SLR via PetaPixel]

Photo by Custom SLR