Thermalright HSC-101 PC Case: One Giant Radiator

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That's a photo of one side of Thermalright's prototype HSC-101 case, with a heatblock for the CPU. The other side looks identical, but it's for the GPU, and both sides can dissipate "150 Watts of heat". [TG Daily]



You don't need any of that crap. Just get a case with two 120mm fan holes in the right side and the standard one at the back. Put to 120mm fans in one, blowing in across the CPU, RAM, and video card and set the speed on low. Use lighted ones so you can tell if one of them goes out at a glance. The mount the third one blowing out and you're case will be as cool as a cucumber no matter what you put in it. Total cost is $33 and you can buy these fans anywhere.

Life just isn't this complicated where you need water cooling and all the crap. With cheap 120mm fans on low you won't hear it and three will move so much air your CPU and video card will think there's a hurricane in that thing.