If you were worried that Hasbro's re-release of Jetfire was as close as you'd be able to get to buying Robotech toys again, you're going to love this. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the anime series, Toynami has released a set of four six-inch tall Veritech fighters that can be transformed into their fighter, battloid, or guardian modes. And the folks over at Toyark have already had the opportunity to check them out.

Pictured here is Rick Hunter's VF-1J Veritech Fighter with its red and white livery, and while these six-inch figures don't quite have the same level of detail as larger Veritech toys that have been released over the years, their smaller size makes them easier to sit on a shelf at your desk. And the four-pack, available from Entertainment Earth for $120, also includes Roy Fokker's VF-1S, Max Sterling's VF-1A, and Miriya's VF-1J. [Entertainment Earth via Toyark]

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