That screen you're staring at all day is screwing up your eyes, but you don't do anything about it. For years, Gunnar Optiks has sold glasses that help take the strain off, but let's face it, they make you look like an asshole. So Gunnar is trotting out a new line of glasses that look more like beachware than nerd glasses. Now you can be the the person everyone stares at while you're trying to work—for a good reason.


So the idea is that if Gunnar is gonna sell to a wider audience and save more people's eyes from glare, strain, brightness, etc, it's gonna have to do something about the perception that computer glasses are only for total geeks. So they took the same optical technology from their existing line and put them in a fun, nylon plastic package and knocked the price down from about $100 to $60. Are computer glasses that look like party glasses still computer glasses? We'll have to wait and find out.