These Mesmerizing GIFs Show the Shimmering Passage of Time

These mesmerizing time-slice GIFs show twinkling views of the passing of time in a series of subtle snatches of the same scene stitched together.


They are the follow up to photographer Fong Qi Wei's Time is a Dimension (TIAD) series, in which slices of images were spliced together into a single static image. This series, called Time in Motion, is a little different. He explains:

[I]n this set of manipulations, I present a medium that is neither a print nor a video. In short, I use the GIF format (don't ask me how it is to be pronounced!) to create a looping animation that shows a single landscape / seascape but with a constant shimmer of … time.

I wonder if an omniscient being experiences something like the sets below? Where all instances are One. And past, present and future are merely terms.

Omniscient or not, staring down a pulsating tunnel of time or up to a phasing reflection from a skyscrape is completely and utterly mesmerizing. You can see more example over on his site. [Fong Qi Wei via This Is Colossal]



I really like the composition, but not the gif's so much on the top one, but the bottom one is great.