Car crashes are completely awful things. Shattered glass, twisted metal and thousand pound machines reduced to child's playthings. And that's not even considering the possibility of accidental deaths. Photographer Nicolai Howalt captured the horrors of a car crash by photographing the silent disaster of the aftermath.

Howalt says:

Several of the images are vividly abstract and look more like landscapes than slashed up metal. Collided bodyworks, dents and cracks in varnish appear as highly enlarged details in the monumental works. These 'color plains' become the ultimate instance of beauty created from suffering, pain and destruction.


The series, called Car Crash Studies, taps at an comfortable space inside you. You don't really know how to feel, maybe you try to piece together how the crash can be, maybe you wonder if there were survivors, maybe you feel sad.

More pictures from Howalt's work can be found here. [Nicolai Howalt via Design Taxi]


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