They Might Be Giants are well-known for their crazier themes and lyrics, and also for that totally-annoying-in-its-entirety Malcom in the Middle theme song. But occasionally, there's a little dark sincerity poking out of their work, and "Till My Head Falls Off" is a perfect, catchy example.

Off the groups sixth studio album, Factory Showroom, released way back in '96, "Till My Head Falls Off" seems to have two levels to it. On the upper crust, it's just a bouncy tune with a fantastic bassline, and some typically zany, throw-away lyrics about Advil and showering and blah blah blah. But listen again, and you'll uncover startlingly frank hints of paranoia, chronic stress, OCD, suicide by drug overdose, and utter mental breakdown, all wrapped up in the repeated realization that there's really no way out but death.


Or maybe not? Maybe I'm just losing my mind. It's been a long day. Either way, it's a fun song. I think. It sounds fun at least, and that's all that matters, right? Right?! [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]