The advent of articulated LCD displays has made it a lot easier to snap over-the-head shots at crowded photo-ops. But its usefulness pales in comparison to the cleverly named Tree-pod tripod from Fishbone which lets photographers and videographers perch high over crowds for the perfect unobstructed shot.

The $6,000 Tree-pod collapses to just three feet in length, but even though it's made from an aluminum alloy, at over 28 pounds it's not necessarily the easiest thing to lug around. Scaling the Tree-pod is not unlike scaling a telephone pole, using the compact foot and hand holds attached to each leg. But with such a small footprint on the ground it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to topple the makeshift structure when there's a 150 pound human-sized weight at the top. [Fishbone Stabilizers via DSLR News Shooter via PetaPixel]


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