This iPhone Case Is a Tiny Photography Studio That Won't Help Your iPhone 5's Camera

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There's usually a dearth of new iPhone accessories leading up to an Apple event, because most companies don't want to release a product incompatible with the latest model. Not Manfrotto. Its new KLYP case improves your iPhone's shots with a much needed mini tripod and large multi-LED flash. But iPhone 5 owners can just move along, because the KLYP only works with the 4 and 4S.

The case itself wraps your phone in a thick layer of plastic, giving it a little extra protection to survive falls and other run-ins with gravity. And it will set you back just over $40 in its semi-naked form. But you can dress it up with a smattering of accessories including a tripod mount, a miniature folding set of legs that add some much needed stability to your shots, and a 24 LED light that will evenly illuminate your subjects and eliminate red eye. In theory it could vastly improve your shots, if you're willing to spend $120+ on the decked out version of the KLYP. And most probably aren't.


[Manfrotto via Pocket-lint]