This Is the Secret of the Google Glasses Skydiving Demonstration

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It seems that there are some people that still just don't get it, so here's a photo to illustrate it. This image shows what the whole Google's skydivers-with-eyeglass-webcam demonstration is all about: antennas. Yes, it's a great demo for wireless Cisco routers and antennas.

That's the roof of Moscone Center. And that's Sergey Brin. And those dudes are pointing antennas at the skydivers. Here's how it works:

1. Skydivers wearing glorified miniaturized webcams mounted on fake eyeglasses and connected to wi-fi antennas jump off an aircraft.


2. Dudes on the ground keep parabolic antennas pointing at them, catching their video signal and showing it on screen while Sergey Brin and a thousand fandroids go oh-wow-wow.

3. Profit?

No more, no less. You have seen this already on TV a hundred times, just using normal cameras. You can exchange the Google glasses to some Ray-Bans with a camera attached to it and it will be the same thing. Or just use a GoPro (incidentally, the skydivers are wearing wingsuits with the GoPro logo all over them).


Now, if you are telling me that you are excited about this, good for you! But the fact is that this whole stunt—which Google repeated again today!—is just a demo of wireless technology, a nerdy thing that has been done a hundred thousand times already.

Imagine that: video transmitted wireless through antennas. It's the future!

Photo by Matt Buchanan/FWD