This Is What One Shark Eating Another Looks Like

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While out diving one day in the Great Barrier Reef, a team of scientists discovered a tasselled wobbegong shark chowing down on a cousin. Fortunately, they managed to take a photograph, and here it is.

Usually, wobbegongs lie in wait on the sea floor for their prey to swim by, then ambush them, according to New Scientist. This one, however, was lucky enough to catch a brown-banded bamboo shark, and this photograph shows it in the process of swallowing the thing whole. Fortunaely, the wobbegong can dislocate its jaw for this kind of meal.

While researchers knew that wobbegongs ate sharks from analyzing the stomach contents of the creatures, this is the first time it's ever been captured on camera. The picture appears with a write-up of the incident in Coral Reefs. [Coral Reefs via New Scientist; Image: Daniela Ceccarelli]

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I guess some sharks don't have to keep swimming all the time to stay alive?