You've never seen a bicycle collection so extensive and well-preserved as the one James MacDonald has obtained.

Dean Saffron, an Australian photojournalist, discovered James and his bicycles earlier this year. Saffron originally visited MacDonald to shoot stills of him, but eventually returned to film this three-minute documentary short about MacDonald's collection, and chat with him about the development of bicycle culture in the 19th century.


MacDonald approaches his collection as a historical catalogue‚ÄĒeach bicycle represents a step in the evolution of design and manufacturing, preserved for future generations to appreciate.

In the three minutes you spend with MacDonald, he will teach you enough about bikes for you to be considered a semi-expert‚ÄĒso sharpen your pencils, you're about to be old-schooled.

[Dean Saffron via mashKULTURE]