I am willing to bet that at some point in the last few months, you slightly struggled to plug something in. Not a particularly difficult scrap: just enough to cost you a few seconds, turn on a light, or actually put your iPad down. Well, someone is now here to solve your most first-world of problems.

Easy Put is a design for a socket that makes plugging things in stupidly easy. The holes for the plug prongs are surrounded by a slight inwards slope, which means that if you misalign your plug to begin with, it should always naturally fall into place first time.


Maybe it's just my caffeine-induced shaking hands, but I could see this saving me hassle on a daily basis — and not just for power sockets. Anything that has a male and female connection (that can go either way) — headphone jacks, or those awesome new dual-sided USBs, for example) would benefit from the Easy Put treatment. Shame there's no immediate plans for production. Where's a good Kickstarter when you need one? [Yanko Design]