This Week's Best Web Video

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Another week, another awesome line-up for Web TV. From Two Swedes Sweding to Control TV, we doubt you'll walk away from this list empty-handed:


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Exactly one month after airing on TV, the gang makes its online debut! For all of you without cable at home who have been patiently waiting for your Always Sunny fix, this one's for you. The Season 6 pilot, Mac Fights Gay Marriage, is currently online and every week FX will release the next consecutive episode in the series, four weeks after it airs on TV. A little late is better than never!


American Experience: God In America: God In America is a series that American Experience featured for a full week. The six episodes explore America's heritage and aim to identify exactly what kind of a role religion has played in our cultural background. How much of our identity can we actually trace back to religious intentions? Whether you subscribe to a religious faith or not, this series is worth your time. It's incredible to see how far a country has come in just a few hundred years.

School Pride: This show should really be called, Extreme Makeover: School Edition, but School Pride works okay too. This new series from NBC attempts to give America's public education system a complete makeover. Not only are the lockers revamped and the walls repainted, but host and crew attempt to get to the bottom of exactly what kind of dysfunctional management got this school to its broken state in the first place. If you're in any way curious about just how bad public schools in America have become, you'll want to tune in.



Two Swedes Sweding: As part of AMC's Fearfest event that comes around every year to get you properly spooked and ready for Halloween, the network recently introduced the brand new Web series, Two Swedes Sweding. Friends Peter and Benny recreate their favorite scenes from their favorite horror movies, and the results are, well, horrifying. It's also hilarious and totally worth watching. We recommend starting off with the duo's rendition of everyone's favorite horror flick, The Shining.


The Fine Bros: Kids React To Viral Videos: What happens when you put a viral video in front of kids and ask them to interpret it? The Fine Brothers show you with their new series of episodes, Kids React To Viral Videos. It's kind of like Kids Say The Darndest Things meets every viral video that's ever landed in your inbox. And it's adorable.


Motherboard: Motherboard has been an Internet favorite for a while, exploring everything to do with Web trends, technology triumphs, video games and beyond. It's basically a series dedicated to hunting down technological treasures of all kinds. The latest episode, for example, explores Hi-Tech Guerilla Gardening movement going on in the UK. You have to see it to believe it, but it's one of those wonderfully creative feats that will not leave you uninspired.


Mayne Street: Back for his 5th season, SportsCenter host Kenny Mayne is planning on flipping the script a bit. Previously, all episodes have been shot with their own mini-storylines attached, but not this time. This time, Mayne is piecing together all six episodes of the season to create one big story. Watching in sequence will actually make a difference, so all the more reason to get started with the first, wherein ESPN host Mayne is clashes with a new no-nonsense producer.



8mm: Have you been missing Nicolas Cage? You know, the version of Nic Cage that dates back to 1999? You're not alone, and here's your opportunity to revisit him while getting to watch a ridiculously disturbing thriller all at the same time. Alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Catherine Keener, Cage plays a surveillance specialist who becomes increasingly obsessed with a reel of (snuff) film that he discovers and fearlessly tries to get to the bottom of, but the trail is treacherous and it's not long before he discovers he's in way too deep.



Control TV: Control TV is live and not live at the same time. Basically, it's a Web experiment starring Tristan Couvares, a 25 year-old who has handed over his freedom of choice to Internet audiences everywhere. Web viewers get to play God (but democratically) and vote on activities for Tristan to pursue on a daily basis. Though the live stream follows Tristan at all times, the series also offers archived ‘episodes' of past activities that Tristan has already pursued. So, essentially, you could be watching this guy's past and present simultaneously.

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