Tidal's New Strategy Is Selling Overpriced Prince CDs

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The Compact Disc (CD) is a physical music distribution format that many people believe is declining in popularity. But Jay Z’s streaming music service, Tidal, thinks that selling compact discs is part of its future.

Last month, Prince announced that his new album HITNRUN would be a streaming exclusive on Tidal. Now for the first time, you’ll be able to buy the record online from the service. This doesn’t only include the option to download the music, as you would expect, but also the opportunity to purchase a CD.

The CD will cost $21.59 + $3.99 S+H for a grand total of $25.58. Lol! You can also download the album for $17.99. Seriously? Hubris at its worst.


Many artists are increasingly turning to physical music distribution in the form of vinyl records as a way to make some money in the dicey music industry. Vinyl is—surprisingly!— increasingly popular these days because it offers a little tangible satisfaction as well as fun ritual to go along with music consumption. CDs, on the other hand, offer people the intense satisfaction of losing something under the driver’s seat.

But hey—if your business is having problems, go ahead and try something new.

[Tidal via Ubergizmo]

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And so it begins.

Just as television content is being fractured between content providers now you will have music be the same.

You like Prince? Go to this streaming service. Wait, you like Daft Punk? Go to this other one. You are more of a Justin Bieber fan? Well, he only streams on this other one.

Fuck you, media companies. Fuck you...