Topeak Bikamper

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Summer is upon us, the time when my fancies once turned to thoughts of solitary riding through the verdant plains of Ohio, my sole joys being the scattering of dandelion tops willy-nilly and pulling the wings off of grasshoppers. Had I known I didn't have to sleep under railroad trestles during my long, sociopathic jaunts, how would have that have changed my life?

Enter the Bikamper. Take the front wheel off your bike, attach this pup-tent looking thing, and there you go—instant shelter. Featuring three mesh windows, a starlight porthole, and priced at about $300, it's a little more expensive than your standard tent but offers an interesting alternative to lashing a piece of tarp to a tree. Or sleeping in a Motel 6.

Topeak s Bikamper, The Perfect Mountain Biker Companion [OhGizmo]