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Toshiba Ubiquitous Viewer: Control PC from Cellphone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Toshiba has developed a bit of software for Japan's KDDI cellular network that will allow users to control their PCs via their cell phones. Like VNC or Windows' Remote Desktop functionality, the 'Ubiquitous Viewer' will pass the screen displayed on the users' PCs to the cell phone, where it can be interacted with and controlled just like they were there. Of course, the limited size of a cell phone screen and less-than-optimal keypad input makes it difficult to get a lot of real work done, but having the service itself available as a platform is nice. Plus, simple tasks like setting your television software to record or your bit torrent to close down should be painless enough. Unfortunately, when the software is released in March, the target market will be corporate users instead of average joes.

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