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Translate Signs and Menus Instantly Using Word Lens' Crazy-Amazing iPhone App

Illustration for article titled Translate Signs and Menus Instantly Using Word Lens Crazy-Amazing iPhone App

Holy crap. Sometimes do you almost pinch yourself, because you just can't believe you're witnessing such creations in your lifetime? Word Lens, which uses augmented reality to translate things in front of you, has given me that exact feeling.


Working kind of like Google Goggles in that it translates real-time images into readable information, Word Lens is a free download but language packs cost $5 as an in-app purchase. So far, it only has Spanish-to-English (and English-to-Spanish), but it will certainly help a person abroad (or even in their own country).

Ever Used Google Translate, or Babel Fish? The translations aren't perfect, but it's certainly enough to get you by. Word Lens produces similar word-for-word conversion, but if it'll help me avoid ordering a meaty dish from a menu accidentally, that's worth $5 right there. Possibly the best thing is that it doesn't require Wi-Fi or a data connection, as it translates instantly (as the video below shows).


If Word Lens doesn't launch on Android soon, I might just have to buy an iPhone. I don't think I've ever said that before about an app. [iTunes via Gizmodo Australia]

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Amazing. Observation: does not work if you hold the iPhone in landscape only portrait.