TuneWiki Is the Karaoke-Like Lyrics App Apple Must Include in iPhone

Lifehacker's Adam Pash (co-author of the best iPhone book with some dude called "Jason Chen") told me this weekend about TuneWiki, an iPhone application that downloads songs lyrics from the web and shows them synched with the song in real time, karaoke-style. It works great and, being a closet karaoke whore, I admit I'm hooked. Apple must include this app integrated in their next firmware update. Watch the video review and, for an alternative take, you can see Californian high school cheerleader Rosita (yes, she's as sexy as it sounds) telling its virtues after the jump:

Rosita gives good reasons on her own but for me, TuneWiki is just perfect for drunk nights in the bar, when everyone wants to sing for some reason and nobody knows the exact lyrics to a song. Or maybe it's just me. Whatever. In any case, if you enjoy music and singing or reading lyrics as you listen to songs, TuneWiki is a must. [TuneWiki - Video review music by Goldfrapp]

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Headline News ran a story a week or two ago about a 9-year old girl who wrote Apple suggesting they include song lyrics on video iPods. Apple legal basically wrote her back telling her to TSFU and never write Apple again, they don't want her stinking suggestions.

Maybe Apple hates song lyrics? Maybe they hate karaoke?? Who knows! I don't think we'll be seeing this on the iPhone any time soon.