TwistTogether Lamp Is Basically a Fancy Nightlight Toy

Illustration for article titled TwistTogether Lamp Is Basically a Fancy Nightlight Toy

Proclaimed as the Lego of lights, the TwistTogether Lamp is a colorful lighting display made up of LED-filled blocks that can be stacked, twisted and reconfigured to create unique designs.


Although the lamp is powered solely through one block, twisting on additional blocks onto the original one will cause the array to light up. For $104, the TwistTogether comes in a set of four blocks, but was designed so that multiple sets of lamps can be added together to create an almost infinite number of possibilities. However, because these low-voltage LEDs consume less power than a standard night light, don't expect this lamp to help you actually see anything more than a colorful glow in the dark. [Design Public via BBG]

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If it didn't cost $104 for just four blocks I would want a dozen sets. What fun!