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Twitter Founder Is "Un-Pivoting" His Failed Q&A App

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Boston’s own Biz “Stonecold” Stone—founder of Twitter, author of Who Let The Blogs Out?—is bringing back his short-lived Q&A/search engine app Jelly for some fucking reason.

Jelly was Stone’s post-Twitter project, an app that let you anonymously ask other users questions and anonymously answer questions they posed. It had a buzzy launch, buoyed by Stone and a list of high-profile backers. Even Bono invested in it.


Despite the hype, Jelly quickly flatlined in 2014. Today, Stone published a Medium post—because he also founded Medium, doy—saying that Jelly had gone away for a lil’ while but he is performing an “un-pivot” and he will relaunch it soon.


Finally, a way to find answers to our questions on the internet that’s not Google or Bing or Twitter or Quora or Facebook or Reddit or Yahoo or DuckDuckGo or or or Yik Yak or any millions of specified web forums or