Twitter Kills Anonymous' (Semi) Official Account (Update: Back Online)

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Nothing is truly official with Anonymous, but @YourAnonNews was the closest thing the hackers had to a spokesperson. Now it's deactivated. This is a big blow to Anon's power to organize (and boast) across the web.


The suspension isn't shocking, with regular calls to illegal activity and the sharing of personal information coming from the 700,000+ follower account—both of which violate Twitter's terms of service. Although Anonymous hasn't had all that much to say given its generally shambolic state post-Sabu—the account has mostly been broadcasting the kind of things a pissy 6th grade boy would write on his backpack.


So what happens now? Anonymous tries to use @YANBackUp instead, or a multitude of other, weaker accounts, to try to organize. Maybe a futile attempt to DDoS Twitter. But really, this just means almost a million people around the world won't be plugged into Anonymous anymore. And that's bad for Anonymous.

Twitter declined to remark on the suspension, noting that they "don't comment on individual accounts for privacy reasons."

Update: @YourAnonNews is back online.

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Twitter couldn't be more insignificant in my life. It's a place for idiots to talk shit and people to post pics of shit I really could care less about. Follow us on Twitter... Like us on Facebook...


Oh look at all the followers this person has... WHO THE FUCK CARES? It's like a pointless battle to gain online followers... FOR WHAT? Someone give me one reason that having 1 million people following your blabbering amounts to anything worthwhile? OMFG Justin Beiber is eating a burrito... he just tweeted about it... WHY THE FUCK DOES ANYONE CARE?

If the ENTIRE PLANET was connected to Twitter and following one person what would that person gain?

It's funny how the world has put so much emphasis and value on Social Media. I've gone a full year without any social media and my life is just as good as it was last year, I still see my friends, we still show each other photos, we still have fun...