Uber has long insisted that it’s simply a tech company, not a driving service—and new legislation supports that narrow definition of its growing corporate empire. Guess which company helped draft the legislation. Guess. Guess. Guess. Guess. Guess.

From Reuters:

In Ohio, state Rep. Bob Hackett said Uber, Lyft, the taxi industry and other parties were involved in drafting the bill.

At one point, Uber sent five representatives to a meeting with members of the insurance industry to negotiate language in the bill, Hackett said.


Democracy in action, baby.

The Ohio bill, along with a similar pending bill in Florida, classifies Uber drivers as independent contractors, giving the company’s controversial stance on the drivers who use its app a stronger legal basis in those states. The Ohio and Florida regulations will resemble laws in Indiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina that categorize Uber drivers in the same way.


Photo: AP


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