UR-202 Wristwatch Features Winding System Regulated By Compressed Air

The UR-103 watches from Urwerk were interesting, but their new 202 Hammerhead Automatic goes a few steps further with a unique winding system regulated by compressed air. Instead of a traditional rotating vane, the 202 uses miniature twin turbines to control the rate of automatic winding. Plus, the level of air compression generated by the turbines can actually be controlled using a 3-position selector switch.

As far as telling time is concerned, the watch utilizes a rather elegant series of rotating hour blocks built around hands that automatically adjust their length to mark the minutes. That is a hell of a lot of technology to do what any cellphone or bubble gum machine watch can do, but I have to admit that I'm pretty damn impressed. No pricing information has been made available, but think expensive thoughts. [Urwerk via Watchismo via Gearfuse]


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