US HDTV Xbox 360 Gets the Shaft

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Listen up, you HD-mongering American Xbox 360 owners: it may be time to invest in a little Japanese-import HDTV for your Xbox 360. Here is the deal: in the US, HDTV A/V outputs support 480p, 720p and 1080i, correct? Well Japanese HDTV components run on all of these and one more, that is 750p. That's why the HD component cable for the Japanese 360 looks a little different and is called a D-Terminal cable. What does this mean for you? Well, it means Japanese gamers can play 360 games at 720p at a hot 60fps and you can't. Feeling a little screwed? Yeah, we all are. Thanks, Microsoft.


UPDATE - Intern Travis had a little too much Jolt. Steven writes:

It promotes a popular misconception that is based on the different ways the US and Japan describe identical HDTV systems.

The US quote the number of lines that contain picture information (i.e. active lines) - which are 1080 and 720 for the two common US standards of 1080/60i and 720/60p. (This is because the US system is based on the formats used for broadcasting digital TV where MPEG2 only broadcasts the active video over the air)

In Japan they quote the total number of lines (including the invisible lines top and bottom used for sync pulses and blanking) They therefore call the same HDTV systems 1125 and 750 - because there are 45 and 30 lines that don't carry picture information. (This is because the Japanese quote the system used to connect HDTV devices to HDTV displays, which use the full number of lines - not just the lines that have pictures)

750/60p and 720/60p are therefore actually identical - they just have different names in the different territories. Just as 1125/60i and 1080/60i are now identical too. (Originally, in the late 80s and early 90s, the Japanese used 1125 total lines, but only around 1030 of them were active - this changed a while back)

It is a bit like the difference between 525 line NTSC and 480/60i - they are the same video system - the 525 quotes the total number of lines, the 480 quotes just the number of lines that contain picture information.


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