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Ustream's Upcoming iPhone App Lets You Watch Obama Inauguration (Or Any Stream) On Your iPhone

Ustream, who brought you the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, is working on an iPhone app that can stream any of their videos—including Obama's Inauguration—for the official App Store.

Their CEO told TechCrunch that users will be able to "participate" in the live chat of the stream directly on the phone. It's the 16th now, and the inauguration is on the 20th, so if Ustream hopes to make it on time, Apple had better get approvin' soon. [Techcrunch]


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1 DVS BSTD-Its off the Hizzle fo $hizzle My Dizzle

I'm so gonna download this.

I wanna see if Obama says "banana", if he does I win a 1000$.