Having super fast internet at home is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity — nothing's more rage-inducing then waiting for a game to become "unstuck" or a video to download. And if you, like most of the country, connect more than three devices to your home internet, you might experience slowness, which is not so great for your online gaming, video-downloading life. Don't fear! Verizon has just increased their internet speed tiers twofold.


FiOS now comes in download speeds from 15Mbps to a blazing 300Mbps — making FiOS QuantumSM Internet America's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet. At 300Mbps, a 90-minute HD movie downloads in 1.7 minutes, and online gameplay is smooth and virtually lag-free.

So here's how you can bring speed home: head here to use Google Maps to guide the Verizon FiOS "Speed Guy" (the dude in the flying squirrel getup in the video above) to your house. While you're there, check out behind-the-scenes video, take the FiOS Quantum Internet speed test to find out what exact internet speed you need, and enter the sweepstakes. Then order up the fastest internet for your home.*


*If you're lucky, a dude in a flying squirrel getup will show up to install it.

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