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Pretty aged, but this is the first time we've seen it. The initially alarming visual generated by the phrase "vibrating condom" is nothing compared to this image. Looking like something straight outta Naked Lunch, the VIBERING wraps around the base of Mr. Johnson, runs on a battery and vibrates, all of which sounds distracting rather than arousing. Vibering claims it's waterproof and safe and made using "Japanese technology," although it's maufactured in Taiwan. There are already so many concerning elements in play here-not the least being the eXistenZ body-penetrating look of the thing-that I wouldn't let it get anywhere near my junkdrawer, personally. They promise to turn a "man's organ into a vibrating powerhouse," but why bother if it already is? Hi-o!

Product Page [EbigChina via funreports]