Virtuality, Ron Moore's Post Battlestar Galactica Project

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Here's the latest promo shot of Virtuality, Ron Moore's latest pilot coming to Fox* on June 26th. Note that Moore has completely reimagined sci-fi once again in that astronauts now wear spongy suits.

Intended to be a bit less intense than BSG's post-apocalyptic doom and gloom, Virtuality is about 12 astronauts on Man's first starship, the Phaeton. They're on a 10-year journey (feeling confident, aren't we Mr. Moore?) and will kill the time by plugging in to their own customized virtual reality worlds—a sort of holodeck meets the Matrix. That killing of time seems to be the focus of the show.


Our sister site io9 has been covering Virtuality quite a bit over the last year from inception to production, so they're a good resource if you'd like to read more about the pilot and potential new program. [io9]

* Wait, another promising sci-fi pilot is coming to Fox? Never mind, it's doomed.