Watch a Guy Lose a Shoe While Parachuting But Then Somehow Get It Back Mid-Air

I think it’s safe to assume that if you lose something while flying in the air on a parachute, you probably shouldn’t expect to ever get it back. Especially while you’re still in the freaking air. But watch as this canopy pilot loses his shoe on a jump and somehow retrieves it in mid-air.

It’s insane. The shoe is flying wildly back and forth in every direction and yet he manages to track it down and snag it out of the air. Pretty lucky, pretty impressive.

[Skydiver Garage via Boing Boing]

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For further info:

What these two guys did is called a Mr. Bill. It has a low success rate and usually ends up with one jumper cutting away his main canopy and landing his reserve.

Both jumpers exit at the same time. Jumper B holds on to jumper A as tight as possible. Jumper A deploys his parachute as quickly as possible after clearing the plane, before gaining more speed which would rip Jumper B right off. That’s what happens here.

In a successful Mr. Bill, both jumpers cruise around a bit at altitude with double the weight on Jumper A’s parachute. Then Jumper B would let go and get full acceleration from 20-30mph to terminal, vs. 90-100mph to terminal you get out of a plane.

Here are some fail videos: