Watch a Guy Rip a Bong Full of Raw Eggs

Let me tell you, I’ve seen some stupid shit on the internet. I’ve watched someone suck on a vape full of the world’s hottest chili powder. I’ve detailed the chronology of YouTubers eating entire cacti for measly ad dollars. I’ve seen a grown man fuck a snake.


We live in an era where depravity is rewarded and health risks are disregarded with staggering nonchalance.

While he may not be at the top of People Filming Themselves Doing Dumb Crap list, Soundrone certainly finds himself in good company on it. Exhibit A: he ripped a bong filled with several raw eggs. Exhibits B through D are the much the same, but performed with maple syrup, guava nectar, and Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce, respectively. They all run into the same obvious problem of being entirely too viscous (and tasting awful, no doubt.)


It’s gross. It’s predictable. And I cannot look away.

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I hereby request this apparent snake-fucking footage please.