Watch a Modified NES Zapper Set Things On Fire With a Real Laser

If you've ever so much as held the good old-fashioned NES Zapper, you've probably had at least one fantasy about how cool it would be if it was an actual laser gun. Thanks to some modding from the guys over at North Street Labs, it is now.


The custom piece consists of 445nm diode, batteries, a heat sink, and a safety, because its 2W laser will make you go blind in a hurry, that and it can also set things on fire. You'd be ill-advised to build one yourself unless you really know what you're doing, but there is a step-by-step guide that walks you through the build. You're probably just better off watching the video and yelling "pew! pew!" at the screen, though. That's working pretty well for me. [North Street Labs via Hackaday via Engadget]



My first question was should you place something like this in those hands... Ironically it was answered in about 22 seconds. Pew pew pew is so cute when you're wielding a laser as powerful as this.